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The Discovery Process

If you’re  planning for a successful retirement, my no-cost, no-obligation, complimentary discovery process will provide you with answers to three critical questions you face: 

  1. Are you on track to retire when you want to and reach your other financial goals?
  2. Is your investment portfolio suitable for your goals?
  3. Can you improve the tax efficiency of your investment portfolio?

I will provide you with answers to these questions (and any others you may have) on your personalized Proposal. The proposal will be written in plain English and will highlight for you the most important actions you need to take.

The Process

Introduction: During our introductory conversation, I’ll gather some preliminary details about your financial situation, what brought you to me, and an overview of your most pressing concerns.

Gather Facts: This is where you will go through a short client onboarding and upload your financial documents for my analysis.

Explore Goals: In this step, I will gain a better understanding of your values, goals, and priorities by asking you lots of questions about your financial situation. We will also use this time to answer any questions you may have.

Run Diagnosis: Based on your goals and priorities, I will diagnose your situation using industry leading planning tools and research to explore the possibilities of how I can help you.

Present Proposal: I’ll present an overview of your situation and a summary of how I can help including specific recommendations about next steps. I will also answer any of your specific questions.

As a reminder, there is nothing to buy, nothing to sign during this process. You can take your time to think about how exactly I can help you before you pay a single dollar in fees.