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My Story

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I decided to become a financial professional teaching people how to retire well for deeply personal reasons.

I have seen friends and family members who are scared about running out of money in retirement. I have seen people, experts in their own fields, struggle to manage their money and achieve their financial goals.

I am confident that with my training and background I can help people better prepare for retirement. After decades in the business, I have learned not only how to tailor solutions to meet individual needs, I have learned how to teach people in a way that they can understand and take action.

Many people need help from a financial professional who makes things simple for them. Someone who acts in their best interest. Someone who speaks in plain English. Someone who works with them to make a plan they can follow; a plan that helps them reach their goals.

I know I can be that person for you; to guide you through your financial journey.

So your life becomes easier and less stressful. So you can focus on fulfilling your dreams and pursuing your passions.

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